Dia de los Muertos – Day of the Dead

I went to the Distillery District a week ago to find out what this day was about. Watch!

Poetry, Revelations

Poking the Beast Within

Everyone has that beast,

That itch, that twitch, that need, the greed,

Feed it, grow it, let it rise with ease,

Until one day, the air is cut short,

And you find yourself on your knees,

Begging for your fix, the sugar, drug or drink,

Everyone watching, staring at you while you sink,

It’s the titanic all over again,

But that ID is what set you on this reckless path,

What overpowered the ego duo,

So how do you bring yourself back to realty?

Remember that beast?

That sabertooth? Scorch? Desire?

Channels…swim through the channel,

Go through the motions,

Channel that energy into creativity,

That’s what makes artists, musicians and actress alike,

It’s your original thought, what makes you, you, and what makes me, me.


IBS: Paleo Dessert

Hot cocoa

Behold! A hot cocoa I can eat. Let me refresh my followers’ memories by saying I am terribly allergic to dairy (lactose free foods too), soy, gluten and eggs. I found this hot cocoa mix in the no frills gluten-free side across from the coffee and stuff. All you need is 2 tablespoons of said mix and the alloted almond milk, heat and mix and voila! I jazzed it up with a little chipits dairy, soy and egg free chocolate chips, rice whip and a little organic brown sugar. Keep your eyes peeled. I’ll be posting the brand of cocoa mix and chocolate chips online soon.

IBS Food for Thought

Vegan (No Soy) Bean Salad

So I really don’t like the taste of celery, kale, radishes or anything without some kind of meat. I’m trying something new where I cut my meat intake about 65%. One meat every other day or if it’s that time of the month, it’s half a meat serving a day. My weight is about the same surprisingly but it’s a lot easier for me to bounce back from little sleep. Needless to say, I made this bean salad as just a stir-fry. Full recipe to come later tonight. Gotta run!




Six Sur Dix

You chant, you pray, you hum, you sing,

Fast, lent, donate and even lend a helping hand,

Anything, all the time, nothing for you, everything for them,

You give and hope,

Wish for, yearn and want,

Until low and behold,

Not what you asked for, just a shell of the image you had in mind,

You have to liven it up, compromise, work with what you have,

The lower your standards, the better the chances.

Nobody is perfect and finding anyone close isn’t worth it.

By now you’ve got the hook in the fish’s neck.

Time to make your meal.

Too bad he’s a little smaller than you expected,

Not enough to quell your need to feed.


Just a Moment-Epilogue

I always thought this would happen. That there would be this sense a speciesour species lost its power, it’s strength and its mind as a collective. This year…rather, in the last 12 months, human have committed mass genocide, environmental rehab and looking for habitable planets! I saw the potential will still had. Then it hit me. Everyone carried on life around me making no difference to the world. Now I see. Mother Nature’s not the only one turning tides and tables. The animals are taking more chances. Something is changing. Llamas wandering the streets and fooling around, a tiger at Disneyland just minding its own business, no human in mouth. Even the white snowy owl flying closer and closer to the West? To more civilization?

At least this is what I thought from THAT moment on.

A lot has changed. And I plan to do more.

Vanishing Point Rainforest


Definition of IBS

My struggle,
A little gurgle,
Turns to cramps,
As my face starts to itch,
My legs start to twitch,
They spaz and hurt,
But no matter how hard I knead them,
No matter how much I stretch,
The pain still lingers, A constant.
Then comes the nausea,
The uncomfortable floating head,
Makes me feel my brain further away from my heart,
I worry, I must be dead,
I look down to ensure I am still attached,
Silly woman, everything is intact,
But to my horror, the dry skin creeps over me,
Like the darkness turned Skywalker to Vader,
I run to my roommate,
She says to my dismay, I see nothing on you,
In essence, the empathy not forced,
Just a sideways glance, and an “Oh! Little bumps, of course!”
I return to my room, thinking to will the pain away,
The only thing that happens, is I keep the tears at bay,
Until slowly as the final two reactions take place,
I must run to the washroom, relieve it all,
Yet no matter how many times I go,
The sense of urgency and cramping marches on.