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As I wake up, yet another early day,
Groggy, foggy, tired already,
Alas, I must carry on,
Drag my feet to work, counting the hours,
Checking my phone, blinking rapidly to keep myself awake,

But wait! What is that wondrous smell? Flowers?
I must venture outside, my career is at stake!
As I absorb the sunlight,
My body feels rejuvenated,
I walk back inside, blinking again to adjust my sight,

Plan a run, some rollerblading, a workout at the gym, a swim,

Finish the day, can’t wait to play,
A sport for exercise and fun in the sun,
Because a couch potato gets depressed faster than an athlete,
Someone active can stay awake late and still wake up early to compete,
In a race, a soccer game, or a foot race down the street,

Simply put, put your feet to the pavement or grass,
If you want unity between your body, mind and soul,
And as an added treat, to tone that ass.


Just a Moment-Epilogue

I always thought this would happen. That there would be this sense a speciesour species lost its power, it’s strength and its mind as a collective. This year…rather, in the last 12 months, human have committed mass genocide, environmental rehab and looking for habitable planets! I saw the potential will still had. Then it hit me. Everyone carried on life around me making no difference to the world. Now I see. Mother Nature’s not the only one turning tides and tables. The animals are taking more chances. Something is changing. Llamas wandering the streets and fooling around, a tiger at Disneyland just minding its own business, no human in mouth. Even the white snowy owl flying closer and closer to the West? To more civilization?

At least this is what I thought from THAT moment on.

A lot has changed. And I plan to do more.

Vanishing Point Rainforest