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As I wake up, yet another early day,
Groggy, foggy, tired already,
Alas, I must carry on,
Drag my feet to work, counting the hours,
Checking my phone, blinking rapidly to keep myself awake,

But wait! What is that wondrous smell? Flowers?
I must venture outside, my career is at stake!
As I absorb the sunlight,
My body feels rejuvenated,
I walk back inside, blinking again to adjust my sight,

Plan a run, some rollerblading, a workout at the gym, a swim,

Finish the day, can’t wait to play,
A sport for exercise and fun in the sun,
Because a couch potato gets depressed faster than an athlete,
Someone active can stay awake late and still wake up early to compete,
In a race, a soccer game, or a foot race down the street,

Simply put, put your feet to the pavement or grass,
If you want unity between your body, mind and soul,
And as an added treat, to tone that ass.

Poetry, Revelations

Poking the Beast Within

Everyone has that beast,

That itch, that twitch, that need, the greed,

Feed it, grow it, let it rise with ease,

Until one day, the air is cut short,

And you find yourself on your knees,

Begging for your fix, the sugar, drug or drink,

Everyone watching, staring at you while you sink,

It’s the titanic all over again,

But that ID is what set you on this reckless path,

What overpowered the ego duo,

So how do you bring yourself back to realty?

Remember that beast?

That sabertooth? Scorch? Desire?

Channels…swim through the channel,

Go through the motions,

Channel that energy into creativity,

That’s what makes artists, musicians and actress alike,

It’s your original thought, what makes you, you, and what makes me, me.


Definition of IBS

My struggle,
A little gurgle,
Turns to cramps,
As my face starts to itch,
My legs start to twitch,
They spaz and hurt,
But no matter how hard I knead them,
No matter how much I stretch,
The pain still lingers, A constant.
Then comes the nausea,
The uncomfortable floating head,
Makes me feel my brain further away from my heart,
I worry, I must be dead,
I look down to ensure I am still attached,
Silly woman, everything is intact,
But to my horror, the dry skin creeps over me,
Like the darkness turned Skywalker to Vader,
I run to my roommate,
She says to my dismay, I see nothing on you,
In essence, the empathy not forced,
Just a sideways glance, and an “Oh! Little bumps, of course!”
I return to my room, thinking to will the pain away,
The only thing that happens, is I keep the tears at bay,
Until slowly as the final two reactions take place,
I must run to the washroom, relieve it all,
Yet no matter how many times I go,
The sense of urgency and cramping marches on.

Poetry, Revelations

Back to Determination

Working in offices the past 3 years has gotten me nowhere. I have tried to move up the ranks past office assistant and administrative assistant within small companies. It never works out. I was open to taking classes to upgrade my skills and was informed that no such thing would fly. I have aspired to become a narrator or involved in documentary production for years but never had the gall to move forward with such a thing. Now I’m in a program that I love, that pushes me to succeed and I genuinely feel I could get amazing marks in. It’s funny once you realize the career you want, how far you’re willing to go to achieve that goal in the most efficient way possible. Professors and classmates alike have different aspirations but YOU have to know what your desire is out of the program: to succeed and have the career of your dreams. I always dream of petting and videotaping animals in their natural habitats, albeit dangerous or unconventional for someone in the journalism program to strive towards. With a sociology degree and eventually a journalism diploma I believe I can incorporate most societal norms into other wildlife and document the similarities or differences.
Tiger HuntingEmperor PenguinsSpotted HyenaLions
For example, some species, such as spotted hyenas and elephants lead a matriarchal society while lions protect their territory and fight off other males. Male emperor penguins endure freezing cold conditions while mothers venture to fatten up to feed their soon to be born young. I plan to eventually go back to school to get my Master’s in Sociology and a minor degree in Biology so that I truly know every aspect there is about wildlife. I want to venture to Thailand, India and Africa to work on their reservation projects, interacting directly with tigers, monkeys and various other animals. Some may say these are unrealistic goals but they are mine and mine alone. I will not have my dreams dissipated by someone who claims to be “realistic”. I have never been a conventional person…a sheep. I’m rebellious, emotional and passionate about the environment, wildlife and people as a whole. My goals will become a progressive reality beginning this summer. It is said that if you visualize and “Law of Attraction” what you want, it will happen. I have been doing just that and increasingly chanting Nam Myo Ho Renge Kyo to unleash my inner buddha; my inner ability to take control of both the positive and negative in my life and use that to bring about great and beneficial change. And as it begins…I am loving every pain-staking minute of it.
Albino Snake


Barbaric Animals

A new beginning, a bird or two,

On a beautiful spring day,

As they sing tunes of possibilities and happiness,

When congestion and smog blur nature’s way,

A dull gray mist covers this town,

As more disease flocks to the surface,

Rabbit and raccoon alike forced down,

Beneath us are these animals,

Stupid, with no chance to see reason,

They need structure, cages, walls,

Time and again, throughout the seasons,

We force them to be our play things, entertainment,

As if making a snake or owl a pet,

Will make them see they need to repent,

We must let nature alone,

For they will soon turn on us,

And reclaim their one and only desire, their home.

Jagged teeth, sharp nails and quick thumps will break our stone,

Shred our skin, make us bow, to the ones who deserve this throne.


Ideas Rolling

Like a rolling pin,

One thought after another,

Images trickling out like water,

Flashing and so vivid,

The mind fast ahead,

Her fingers fast-approaching,

Typing so quick her wrists start to ache,

Don’t lose your words, you know what’s at stake,

Keep up the pace, don’t lose focus,

Change the music, no words, just smooth jazz,

Relaxing, pushing her forward,

Here come the puns, the references, the analogic sassafraz,

These words, the lyrics over encouraging instrumentals,

Pouring as a steady stream, keeping her mood flowing.

As her body tingles, her senses mingle,

At the end of the story, knowing the reader will climax,

She stops full edge, a cliff-hanger to her fans and herself,

Nothing sweeter.


The 2AM Family

Boom, boom BOOM goes the thunder,

Putter, sputter, trickle goes the rain,

Snoring sound asleep is your father,

Mother finally relaxes from her pain,

Daughter writing hearts ♥ and love notes in her journal,

Hoping one day she can call,

See the guy of her dreams come to life,

Killer smile, sweet and 6 feet tall,

Her brother learns about his body,

Rub a tug, tug on his manhood,

Thinking about Arianny the Playboy Bunny,

As her supple breasts bounce around the ring,

Eldest studies biology and culinary arts,

To the wee hours into the night,

Until low and behold, the youngest lets out a small cry,

“Mother take rest, I am in full sight”,

Eldest runs to cradle and feed,

The little baby next door,

So that mother can go back to sleeping,

She can’t keep falling asleep on the kitchen floor.