The Pain Before the Leak

16, 17, 18…no problems…not even a cramp…

19, 20…a hit and run…stop it with a tamp,

21…oh 21,

The birth control, the shot, the pill, the latex,

Just so I can worry not about a drastic change in my life, to keep having sex,

22…oh 22,

A whole new set of problems, boo hoo…for you

Can eat this, can’t drink that,

Think that’s all but the pain has only just begun,

7 days of torture, one hell of a battle but the war is always won,

By none other than my inner mother nature,

The same one kicking my insides, making me indecisive, unsure,

Sad, happy, angry, tired and oh so overwhelmed,

And when mother nature meets father gastro, all hell breaks loose,

Feelings go flying, pain is unbearable, debilitating…but manageable,

Do a 180, drop him, drop that, leave there, start over,

A process of elimination, no more lover,

No more pasta, bread or cheese,

No more comfort foods, the chocolate has been seized,

Mix it all together and what have you got?

Nausea, fatigue, cramps, urgency, headache and a loss of will.

Write your will, will you?

Oh no! Life is hard but that’s the point. It’s a thrill.


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