Perfectly Imperfect

Passing through life,

Settle for someone less than perfect,

That guy or girl that will make your toes curl,

Isn’t the greatest looking or the best at cooking,

That list of what you want gets smaller and smaller,

Your confidence now, the size of a peanut,

Happy anyone will settle for you,

It’s stupid, it’s wrong, you haven’t got a clue,

Throw out the list, burn the pros and cons,

Just make sure you get along,

Think about the smell, the smile, the voice,

The laughter, same humour, agreeing with each choice,

A calm attitude, friendly and flirty,

Tiger lilies

Not selfish or materialistic, cares about being happy go lucky,

Never to be stuck in a rut or a job for too long,

Stay with me and our choices will be strong,

Build you up and never tear you down,

Infinity Heart

Because bitches like that don’t deserve you,

It’s a good thing you were found now.

Tiger Tigress


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