Barbaric Animals

A new beginning, a bird or two,

On a beautiful spring day,

As they sing tunes of possibilities and happiness,

When congestion and smog blur nature’s way,

A dull gray mist covers this town,

As more disease flocks to the surface,

Rabbit and raccoon alike forced down,

Beneath us are these animals,

Stupid, with no chance to see reason,

They need structure, cages, walls,

Time and again, throughout the seasons,

We force them to be our play things, entertainment,

As if making a snake or owl a pet,

Will make them see they need to repent,

We must let nature alone,

For they will soon turn on us,

And reclaim their one and only desire, their home.

Jagged teeth, sharp nails and quick thumps will break our stone,

Shred our skin, make us bow, to the ones who deserve this throne.


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