The 2AM Family

Boom, boom BOOM goes the thunder,

Putter, sputter, trickle goes the rain,

Snoring sound asleep is your father,

Mother finally relaxes from her pain,

Daughter writing hearts ♥ and love notes in her journal,

Hoping one day she can call,

See the guy of her dreams come to life,

Killer smile, sweet and 6 feet tall,

Her brother learns about his body,

Rub a tug, tug on his manhood,

Thinking about Arianny the Playboy Bunny,

As her supple breasts bounce around the ring,

Eldest studies biology and culinary arts,

To the wee hours into the night,

Until low and behold, the youngest lets out a small cry,

“Mother take rest, I am in full sight”,

Eldest runs to cradle and feed,

The little baby next door,

So that mother can go back to sleeping,

She can’t keep falling asleep on the kitchen floor.


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