A child,
A teenager,
Naughty by nature and nurture,
Wherever the adult came in,
Reality sunken,
Routine, a heavy cost,
The freedom with age was lost.
She was wandering this Earth,
Trying to find her home,
Thought she’d die this way,
Cold, married but alone.
Break it off,
Shed your past sickness, dropped the nagging cough,
Run through the pain,
Reset, break the chains,
No more abuse,
No more 1…2…3,
A series of events,
Now her choice, what she wants to be,
Following her dreams, she sees,
Explore yourself, the world, live in tents,
The options are endless,
Evolved into a woman,
No longer this dishevelled mess,
Found her outlet…or outlets, through wordpress.


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