V for Vendetta Tribute

Remember, an endeavour, the fifth of November,
Gunpowder treasonous with plot,
I see now why we have reason,
Because now is the season,
Where Canadians carry on life and forgot,
Rebellion and friends,
Fought at no end,
To bring the King and Parliament to the front,
Could not send them to their graves,
Yet Guy Fawkes saves,
Eve, the prodigy of his kingdom.
Belief in fate,
But it was too late,
To show him the error of his ways,
He wasn’t alone,
A chess piece for the throne,
The explosives, his only forté.
Robert Catesby the leader,
Shot down making a stand,
Guy Fawkes hung, drawn and quartered,
Such a way to die,
Though could not say I,
His story still remembered as “V”
“Vi veri veniversum vici”


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