The Right Kind of Lost

She said “he” became “we”,
But it was not the words,
It was the “she”, the “be”…as you…”be”,
It was the way he spoke, how he tugged at her heart,
Flowers 1
Made her forget her inhibitions,
Still making no-regret decisions,
Always…always kept “them” in mind,
Brought her aura, her soul to life,
Flowers 2
It was not the glimmer in his eyes,
But the understanding of her strife,
It was the beauty of his speech,
The way he first asked her out,
Don’t shy away ladies,
You know what I’m talking about,
Accepting an art unlike his,
That no need of pursuasion,
To be all that I can be,
No ball and chain limitation,
As long as I get to write.
Flowers 3
Lost in someone
Somewhere, knowing how,
No selfishness here,
Just encouragement to be a better version of you now.

~~Important picture info: http://susansingerart.blogspot.ca/2011/05/celebration-of-women-is-in-works.html~~


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