Shy Battle

A glance, no eye contact,
God forbid that should happen,
Melt in his eyes, blush at his smile,
A deep voice and confidence,
Very simple style,
Knows to play an instrument, probably good with his hands,
Imagine it all over my body,
First time thinking, a clothes on experience…well done,
Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Wanting more but waiting, for the perfect ambience,
This is not a girl, she is a woman,
Wine and dine, gentlemen always win,
That prize that she’s been hiding,
Has come with hard-earned lessons,
She bites her lips and thinks, how can I get him to notice me,
All the while she looks at him then turns away,
Aloof to his glances too,
One day it will begin,
Until then look, giggle and smirk,
At the quirks, the voice and walk,
Of a man unbeknownst to her,
That loves the way she talks.


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