Dangerous Seduction

Age, a mere number,
Brings status, wisdom and knowledge,
An adult, no doubt old as 42,
Get yourself together, find solace in your personality,
Only to find yourself broke, divorced and underpaid,
Tiger Hunting
Feeding on naivety,
She’s 22, 24, 26, 28…
Charm her to pieces because pity always sticks,
A bar, the right place,
Set the scene and lean in,
Is it really her idea, to keep her glass filled?
Conversation flowing, act interested, almost there,
Every time she walks away, you relish the lining of her underwear,
Flattery and a tilt of the head,
This chick actually thinks he’s listening,
No need for a bed, any surface will do,
Push her up against the granite after 3 drinks too many,
Her world is spinning, between her legs, a natural flow,
The kisses keeping her grounded,
Maybe I need this, maybe I want it,
Oh hell, he’s got her now,
But before he seals the deal,
Makes her regret her choice,
He can’t come to attention, for his age shows it’s voice,
Sobering up she walks away, leaving him with his manhood at the bar.
I guess age isn’t just a number, he didn’t make it that far.


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