Mellow Burning

Air and Fire,
Water and Lightning,
Progress to a burning,
It can’t be stopped but must be unearthed.
It starts as a kindle, a bit of smoke here and there,
A glimpse of her thong, his chest as he stretches,
That twinkle in his eye when he smiles or that way she leans in to you,
Builds to a small campfire,
Warms your body but not your soul,
How do I get it to make me melt with comfort?
Make me sleep at night?
Don’t run from what you want,
It will only burn brighter.
When you’re confused whether it’s want or need,
Is when it must feed your soul,
To ignore your carnal desire,
Will only make you lose your humanity,
The one betwixt your legs, in your mind and in your heart,
All connected, waiting to be silenced…the climax is what sets us apart…


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