My First Works

I am going to school in less than a week for journalism and I can’t wait! I have been writing these blogs on wordpress to get a better idea of if I can really write and stick to one topic. It’s proving to be easier than I thought. I have a story I’ve been working on for a few weeks about a recently single woman, venturing online to meet the man of her dreams. I have finished about 3500 words and still going strong. It’s based on my story but it’s only in the preliminary stages right now. By preliminary I mean I am just writing and writing everything down about the situation and will edit once I have finish 5000 words…maybe 10000 at the rate I’m going.

When it comes to writing, I am a fairly structured person. I like to write like crazy then edit continuously until I think something is good. That’s how I should’ve wrote majority of my University essays and WILL NOT make the same mistake in college. I will also be writing a few poems and short stories. I want to see how they are viewed and get feedback on it. I really want to know if my strengths are in print or in broadcasting. Either way, a new journey has begun and my IBS is taking a back burner :).


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