IBS Continued

Hopefully this is my last post regarding my symptoms. I have had such a hard time keeping within my dietary restraints because of how expensive it is. I’ve tried jogging, bike riding, align, naturopathic medicines and so much more. Nothing seems to work and as my initial gastroenterologist said, “it’s something you will have to learn to live with”. It’s hard to carry on with something that can never be fixed especially when EVERYONE around me is eating bread, pasta, cheese, milk, chocolate milk and chocolate.

Even within my paleo (egg and soy free) diet I find sometimes my stomach still acts up. Granted it is not nearly as horrible as when I eat a cheeseburger but still makes me wonder if it’s worth it to keep it up. Most of the time I eat hot salads, bacon and potatoes and protein with veggies and fruit but I start to tire of the same flavours. I have ventured on out to buying gluten, dairy, soy, nut and egg free products. Thus, my next few posts will be a critique of them. 

I think I have found my calling. Being an analytical person, I am a harsh critic on food, movies and men. Maybe I should start writing more about all of these instead of focusing so much on my sparse food options.

If anyone knows anywhere that is hiring journalists or writers regarding food (restaurants, allergy-specific foods etc), movies and men (the different types, how they react to you etc) please let me know. 

Otherwise, my stomach is doing pretty well today, if I can ignore all the gurgling sounds lol.


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