IBS – Diet Vacation

Once again I decided to binge and get drunk on Saturday and eat all the foods I’m not supposed to yesterday and today. I topped off my weekend of reckless behaviour with this huge Cinnamon roll. It was totally worth it but as soon as I had gotten halfway I knew my mistake. I’m going to be bloated alllll day. And I have been.

Yesterday I drank wine, had shots of vodka and smoked a couple joints. Not my usual self but I figured that since my older sister was in town I’d cut loose for the weekend. I should be eating these words because as I sit here I feel like my stomach is about to explode and have a sense of urgency that just won’t go away. Oh well, this just means it’s back to the beauty foods tomorrow. It’s also very good for my complexion because I noticed almost immediately that I got more pimples and my eczema started showing up on my face and neck. Time to DETOX.

First, I will have a cup of chamomile tea, followed by a veggie stir fry and 2 strips of bacon. Next I will (likely bring with me) some carrots, grapes and the rest of my almond milk to last me. That should clear out some of the toxins from this weekend in a jiffy tomorrow.


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