IBS Update

It’s been a busy week for me. Between school, trying to find a job I can actually do and keeping up with my diet and prescriptions I’ve been neglecting this blog. That being said, I woke up yesterday morning (Thursday, August 14, 2014) with a stomach ache and had been fighting the feeling all day. Had 5 bowel movements (yikes) and nausea/foggy head all day. Thus, I was sleepy and grumpy most of the day but my nephew kept me from showing it. I can’t be mean or neglectful to that bundle of joy.

Today is no different. I actually got out of bed at a quarter to 11am and already had 2 bowel movements. Nausea with a side of mild cramping and stomach aching. I have no desire to eat even though I can feel the hunger. Maybe I’ll just have tea and go from there.

I need to buy more of my medicine today and by medicine I mean medicinal marijuana. People say it is addicting and can lead to depression among other things but I have no other way to cope when I have this kind of pain. MJ and a hot water bottle are THE ONLY things I know to ease my suffering so I will continue this regimen until the Align kicks in…or makes it worse.

Although I’ve had a great week filled with good news and job opportunities (modelling and interview with Cineplex 😀 ) I can’t seem to shake my IBS reactions since yesterday. It would be much easier and less stressful if I could just stop the pain for a week.

Well, here’s to hoping I can go for another jog today. Because I didn’t go for a jog on Wednesday and felt sick yesterday, I have messed up my pattern. It’s supposed to be Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays but it will be Friday, Monday and Wednesday…hopefully I’ll be back on track by Monday.


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