Today is August 10, 2014. Forgot to take pill Friday, August 8, 2014 but took it (and by it I mean Align) Saturday August 9 and today. Was able yesterday to eat Doritos chips and a nutrigrain bar with no side effects. Today was able to eat more chips, turkey sausage egg muffin combo from Tim Horton’s (including 2 hashbrowns and mint tea black) and lactose free ice cream without a reaction. Don’t want to push it so going back to my strict paleo diet tomorrow. Either way, I am elated to know I was able to consume cheaper foods. Eating paleo is expensive. 

That being said, it would be easier to stick to my diet if I could get my entire family off of gluten. Everything is pasta this, bread that, beef patty this, muffin that.

My plan is to twice a week eat foods outside of my diet the whole day and see what happens. My theory is that not only is my IBS perpetuated by stress but also by depression, uncertainty and loneliness. My mood today was more positive than usual and yesterday I went for a run for 30 minutes (then 15 minutes walk because I couldn’t run the full way home). Although I felt the incredible urge to drink water, I did not feel sick.

I am going to continue going for 30-minute jogs once every 2 days from now on and quote my progress. First weigh-in will be August 11 (tomorrow).

Hopefully this is a change for the better and I don’t require a disability claim or any other assistance. I really miss my independence and would love to have my own place.


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