Recuperating (Warning Poonographic content)

Symptoms: Frequent bowel movements, mucus, nausea, stomach pain, cramping higher in abdomen, sense of urgency, shooting pains, night sweats, weakness and faint.

Started at approximately 11:30 at night.

Prior to this: Ate gluten-free beef bolognese pasta, yam frites and garlic bread. I didn’t know the bread wasn’t gluten-free but ate half of it assuming it was. Shortly after the pasta and bread my stomach began to feel like a balloon was in it. It felt so tense and rigid. I went outside for a smoke and came back in to watch an hour of television, finish the fries and go to bed with a hot water bottle on my stomach.

I woke up somewhere close to 3 or 4 because my shirt was stuck to my back. I was sweating like crazy even with the fan on?

I awoke at about 630 in the morning with the urge to go to the bathroom. I came out feeling worse than when I went in. I thought I was going to throw up but, as always, was unable to. I drank water, which made me go to the bathroom again and went back to lying down.

Woke back up at about 1030/11am to go to the bathroom twice more and felt like I had finally gotten everything out of my system. I feel hungover, with a cramped stomach and extremely tired.

I think I had one shot of rum by a daring glance from my sister at like 330 in the afternoon.

Too scared to eat, I have only eaten a banana – which made my tongue itch :s – and water as of 1:17pm.

Guess I’ll try to eat some veggies and bacon to get some nutrients in me. Too bad my nephew (who I also live with) is allergic to nuts so I can’t have almond milk in the house and I’m allergic to soy milk. Oh well…bacon tastes awesome anyway!



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