IBS Business – A lot of talk about poop…just a warning

So just to recap I have finished school in 2011, working a full-time pretty good job and I’m at this awesome place with my boyfriend, Ira and our little dog Marley. Low and behold I end up with what I thought was just food poisoning or the stomach flu.

Got a colonoscopy and endoscopy done by a Dr. Ali Hazrati. He said everything looks pretty good. I don’t recall his exact words but he said there were no obstructions or weird things in there so he said it is likely IBS. 

I took it back to my family doctor and said the same thing. I’m not sure if he just couldn’t explain to me or if I was just being rushed all the time but somehow many times he said I should be put on antidepressants. This was because I was agitated, tired and fussy in his office. WHO WOULDN’T BE IF THEY SHAT AS MUCH AS I DID?

Anyway, fast forward again and I quit my job because I kept falling asleep at work, felt like I had no energy and my body just seemed to be falling apart. At the time, I had gone to the hospital 2 or 3 times with severe stomach cramps, nausea, the urge to go to the bathroom but could not and very anxious (embarrassed more or less because one of those times I was at the Pizza Pizza below where I worked). The symptoms usually wore off between 2-6 hours later. It was happening more and more frequently. At home, at work, while I was out, while I was doing nothing at home….I lost all will to go anywhere at one point and that’s when I quit.

Ira and I moved back to his parents house (who smoke inside and drove me nuts although I’m sure my horrible laundry skills made the score even). We saved my last few cheques from work and settled in a new place in May of 2013.

I didn’t get much better but somehow I managed to ignore more of the pains. I knew I’d get bloated and be constipated if I had anything with gluten in it, if I had certain acidic or milky things I’d get what I called the “crap cramps”. These were the same ones I went to the hospital a couple times for.

I dropped back to a paleo diet several times but of course it’s hard to give up gluten altogether.

Fast forward to today. I’m 24 years old, about 135 pounds and still losing weight. I am always tired, my eyes hurt sometimes, I have embarrassing bowel movements (as much as 9 one day!), I go to clubs, birthday parties and end up with a gut-wrenching stomach ache. Some were so bad my mouth would water, I’d rock back and forth sweating, crying and curled up in a ball. I have done so much research on how to help what I thought was IBS. Irritable Bowel Syndrome…

One day I’ll list it all…maybe tomorrow. 

I looked up Candida, Leaky gut, Parasites, Ebola Virus, HPV, Celiac disease, Colitis, Sickle Cell Anemia and so much more. Write now, Chron’s disease sounds close. I was tested for it today by Dr. Michael Power the replacement family doctor for Dr. Julian Chen the Depression Pills Pusher. Dr. Power is just as dismissive as Dr. Chen. I brought all the over the counter prescriptions and supplements I had taken in the last 12 months and all he said was no need. No analysis of how I felt overall, was I tired, never felt my stomach, checked my scalp (which has been super dry because of the lack of moisture in it), check history of joint pain, sickness at all…

These doctors nowadays make me feel even more alone in this than at my family Christmas dinner. 

My family, ex and past coworkers have suggested I write this all out because if I don’t, I’ll let whatever disease I have eat away at me until…there’s no until.


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