2012 – The Beginning of this all

I began having stomach problems in the summer of 2012…May I think or at least that’s when I REALLY noticed them. I was working for a family owned property management company, had recently undergone a small procedure to remove a couple lumps from one of my breasts. About a month later my ex-boyfriend and I were watching tv having Chinese food from a local restaurant. I can’t quite remember WHAT we were eating but that shortly afterwards I had gotten a stomach ache. I guessed it was just food poisoning because I was a little suspicious to try this place for the first time anyway. 

The problem started the next day, you usually feel dehydrated, tired, maybe a headache and nausea. I got all of that but couldn’t shake the frequent gut wrenching stomach aches. They were coming on so inconsistently that I thought I had a parasite or something. I went to the hospital and after checking my excrements, urine and blood found no sign of a parasite. 

I went home disgruntled and feeling less pain but still confused at what the hell kept happening. 

So I did the logical thing, I saw my family doctor. He tested me for the same things but nothing showed up except that I had a heightened amount of eggs…meaning I was ovulating at the time right?

Anyway, I kept going back and forth to my doctor with no answer. I then had an endoscopy and colonoscopy with no results as to what was wrong. I then went back to my family doctor who told me it was likely Irritable Bowel Syndrome. He told me to look it up online and sent me on my way.

…more to come about how much of a moron my family doctor was.


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